Exposed S3 Credentials of QuadX

What is Secuna?Secuna is the first and only crowdsourced cybersecurity testing platform in the Philippines helping startups and SMEs by connecting them to vetted security researchers to find and fix security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. Benefits at Secuna:Hacker Success Team Secuna is an ever-evolving crowdsourced cybersecurity testing platform managed by an … Continue reading Exposed S3 Credentials of QuadX

Insufficient Rate Limitting on Facebook Fundraisers

Summary Facebook Fundraisers Lacks Rate Limiting Protection. Malicious actors can bruteforce this by sending different random credit or debit card numbers. This could result to large scale fraud. The Expected Behaviour is Once You tried to Repeatedly Link or Use a Declined or Invalid Credit/Debit Card the System Should block you from doing additional Transactions … Continue reading Insufficient Rate Limitting on Facebook Fundraisers